1. eyefivestyle:

    Alex in Dehen and Jon Moy’s caps lock. 

    (via eyefivestyle-deactivated2014072)

  2. hickorees:

    We’ve opened up a second pre-order period for this awesome @dehen1920 varsity jacket in our custom navy/black colorway! This pre-order period runs until Feb. 7. (at Hickorees.com)

  3. free-man:

    Best Made Company – Heavy Waxed Cruiser

    With our Best Made Co. x Dehen 1920 sweater in the mix. 

  4. Dehen 1920 quarter-zip at Sivletto in Stockholm

  5. Dehen 1920 stadium jacket now available @Hickorees

  6. Behind the scenes with Dehen x Adidas Originals for the Brooklyn Nets. 

  7. woodlandsshop:

    The Woodlands

    Dehen varsity v-neck far right. 

  8. We’ve got a nice spread in the new issue of The Heritage Post, see more here

  9. Cult Edge spoke to our James Clark about the past, present and future of Dehen 1920. 

  10. The model for Meadow in Sweden might be the most badass we’ve seen among our retail venues.